Is your level an Upper -
Intermediate or higher?
You do not
want to stop at what you have
already achieved
and you hunger
for new knowledge even at night. So
we know how to surprise you!

Advantages of our brand new English course:

Adaptive learning programme

Classes with a native speaker - only live speech and the most recent lexical constructions.

Non-standard grammar and non-typical classes.

Your own success tracker.

The result of your speaking is evaluated by a native speaker. No planned situations and pattern phrases. Your topic you will get only on the exam. Everything is as in real life.

Forget the typical essays you wrote before. You choose the topic and format of the task.

No more boring tests and exercises. You are deeply involved in the learning process. "Just sitting at the lesson" will not work.

One more bonus is a certificate at the end of the course.



Before registering for the course, each student has to pass the test for all 4 language skills.


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Отзывы наших учеников:

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Расписание и цены
График YPEЦены YPE

Пн, ср

Вт, чт



Старт курса апрель 2019

Старт курса апрель 2019

Цена на новый курс YPE

1 семестр – 5 месяцев

Цена за месяц

Цена за семестр



- 20% 1760

- 20 % 8800


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