Языковая школа в Харькове

Annual Ukrainian/Russian Language program



The course is designed for 800 hours, in case if student does not less than 90% homework and and attend classes at the rate of 95%.



Studying is conducted at all levels from A1 to C2 + special subjects for admission to universities Ukrainian.

Intensity - 5 classes a week for 4,5 hours.



  • Certificates of international sample in 2 languages
  • Author's technique of teaching and program building. Result is much better than you expected
  • Mini-groups (up to 10 people)
  • Special subjects to prepare for admission to Universities of Ukraine.
  • Free testing before the start of the course
  • Classes at the heart of the city.
  • Comfortable conditions for the acquisition of new knowledge.
  • A nice friendly atmosphere.
  • Qualified teachers.


When you join the group during the semester, the cost of a month of training does not change.

Month, UAH Semester, USD Individual lesson, UAH
- - 250


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