Языковая школа в Харькове


The annual course

of Ukrainian/Russian language

Course is created for all visitors of the country who want to learn

the language and prepare for admission to Ukrainian universities.




General Russian/Ukrainian


Program is for all guests who want

to learn the country's language for communication in social mediumго




Intensive Ukrainian/Russian


Program for those who wants to learn the language quickly and efficiently for any purpose

related to information technology and web-space.






You are a foreigner, who came to Ukraine for education or work but you do not know Russian or Ukrainian language, then we are waiting for you.

The language school Unilang provides services for studying Russian and Ukrainian courses effectively and interesting.

In our school you can study the following courses:

  • Annual Ukrainian course (up to 10 months) for complete immersion in order to achieve optimal results in learning.
  • Annual Russian course (up to 10 months) for complete immersion in order to achieve optimal results in learning.
  • General Ukrainian course, covering all 6 levels. You can get a certain level according to your goals.
  • General Russian course, covering all 6 levels. You can get a certain level according to your goals.
  • Intensive Ukrainian course of any of the levels.
  • Intensive Russian course of any of the levels.
  • Intensive Russian and Ukrainian language course of any of the levels for the effective result.

Our Studying

During the lessons you will learn all the four language skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening. During the course you can monitor your progress in learning by yourself. With each lesson, you will notice that your learning Russian or Ukrainian language is getting easier and easier. The program includes a variety of different tasks, including games. You will develop your skills in listening Russian and Ukrainian speech, read texts in new language. Audio and video materials are also widely available in the course. During any language course in any level, you will find out a lot about the history, national traditions and cultural peculiarities of Ukraine and Russia.

You will get acquainted with the most interesting and widely used phrases, sayings and proverbs. Grammatical rules and tasks, even in one of the most difficult languages - Russian, will be explained in accessible and understandable way. All course materials are carefully studied, homework is required to be checked and control of your progress throughout the course, by writing tests and different tasks, once again underlines our serious attitude and effectiveness of your learning in our language school. The most important thing for our school is the result of the work with the students in order to acquire good knowledge of their chosen language. Even if before the arrival in our country you have never seen the Russian or Ukrainian alphabet, we guarantee that after passing the entry level, you will be able to read, write and communicate in everyday situations, but the most important thing is that you will be able to understand people around you.

Ukrainian/Russian speaking course.

In addition, we have conversation clubs where you will be able to improve your knowledge and skills in a live conversation with a native speaker. During our speaking Clubs you learn how to use a variety of authentic examples, expand your vocabulary with the help of native Russian / Ukrainian words and expressions, learn how to express your thoughts beautifully and properly and you will be able to keep a conversation and overcome the language barrier.

Don't waste your time thinking about to learn or not to learn Russian or Ukrainian. If you come to our country, you will have to learn either Russian or Ukrainian course. We are ready to help you. Our Annual, General, Intensive Ukrainian and Russian language courses are waiting for you. The result of learning Ukrainian and Russian as a foreign language will not take long and will exceed all your expectations! With us, any language will seem simple and straightforward! We are sure that all people can learn a foreign language and we will prove it to you!
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